Grandi Stazioni: company’s demerger project approved

Grandi Stazioni S.p.A.’s Board of Director, has approved the Company’s demerger project

Rome, 30th June 2015 

Grandi Stazioni S.p.A.’s Board of Director, has approved the Company’s demerger project today. 

The project considers the demerge of the current Grandi Stazioni’s business units, with the setting up of two new companies and a new brand for Grandi Stazioni S.p.A., as defined below:

Grandi Stazioni Retail
, the company that will be sold, which will be focused on GS’ network stations’ commercial activities – i.e. store leasing\media and advertising\travelers facilities. The perimeter of Grandi Stazioni Retail is going to be better defined in the Business Plan that will be submitted to the financial community in the coming weeks. FS Group\Eurostazioni percentage ownership will be defined based on the Court expert’s report currently ongoing.

Grandi Stazioni Rail (now Grandi Stazioni S.p.A.), which will carry on infrastructural activities and the investments plan completion, to guarantee the core railway station businesses for travelers and personnel: safety, maintenance and cleaning, ticket offices, parking management, offices rental and engineering activities. 
FS Group rises to 100%, therefore keeping control on the stations’ infrastructural activities

Grandi Stazioni Immobiliare, focused on the sale/management of the current GS’ real estate. FS Group at 60% and Eurostazioni at 40%.

Next steps to complete the demerger process: 

  • Demerger project deposit to the Chamber of Commerce; 
  • Shareholders’ meeting summoning in order to approve the demerger project; 
  • Demerger effectiveness soon after the end of “creditors’ opposition period”.

Simultaneously, the Grandi Stazioni Retail selling process will be carried on as follows:
  • Launching the sale via the international public tender;
  • Receiving indication of interest from potential buyers and Information Memorandum circulation; Receiving bids on a best effort basis and selection of potential buyers whom will have access to the data room for the due diligence;
  • Receiving final binding offers, negotiation and deal closing.

The whole process should be closed within 2015.