Elia in Tokyo: objective interoperability

The Gruppo FS Italiane CEO attends the 9th UIC Highspeed 2015 World Congress in Tokyo to illustrate the company’s next steps for interoperability

Rome, 9 July 2015

“Interoperability is a fundamental target for rolling stock, infrastructures, signalling and certification procedures to ensure creation of an integrated high speed railway network.”

This was the affirmation made by Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane CEO Michele Mario Elia at the 9th UIC Highspeed 2015 World Congress organised by the International Union of Railways and East Japan Railway Company underway in Tokyo entitled “Celebrate the past, Design the future”.

Elia continued, “This Conference is a unique opportunity for those already operating on a high-speed network. HS is a competitive technology that can boost the economy; however it is also essential to continue investing in innovation and R&D.”

Finally, Elia thanked the UIC, which has fulfilled the objective of increasing modal transportation through international cooperation and interoperability, thereby encouraging trans-border operations and improving competitiveness in passenger and freight transport.