Satellite Connectivity for Mobile CCTV Systems

Participate in FS Group innovation

A technical consultation promoted by FS Group and aimed at companies, universities, institutions and organisations in Italy or abroad with the objective of evaluating the effectiveness of a satellite connection system to connect CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system cameras to recording servers, either on cloud or on a dedicated fixed server. This approach is intended for temporary installations placed to protect remote assets, where traditional connections (cable, 4G, 5G) are not readily available or not suitable for the expected data traffic.

The initiative is aimed at those who can submit proposals and expertise for the implementation of a reliable satellite connection system with specific requirements, including 24/7 connection, guaranteed bandwidth capacity, VPN system, ease of installation, weather resistance and flexible power supply. Participating offers the opportunity to contribute to the innovation of FS Group.

Interested parties can participate by following three steps: creating a personal account on the FS InnoStation website by 5 March 2024, submitting innovative technical solutions via a form and accepting the initiative's rules and regulations.