Trenitalia Summer Experience 2022 is presented with timetables, services, promotions and a new summer offer

The latest developments, starting with the summer timetable in effect from Sunday, 12 June, are illustrated in Milan by Trenitalia CEO Luigi Corradi

Milan, 31 May 2022

Presented by Trenitalia’s CEO, Luigi Corradi, the Trenitalia Summer Experience 2022, is the new seasonal offering with services and promotions adapted to a demand for sustainable mobility and encouraging quality tourism, developed by the companies of FS Group’s Passenger Hub and set to be launched on Sunday, 12 June, coinciding with the start of the summer timetable.

With the launch of the Trenitalia Summer Experience 2022,” highlighted Luigi Corradi, CEO of Trenitalia, "our goal is to enhance and incentivise opting for the train, also through effective combination with other means of transport when necessary to reach our customers' favourite destinations. This is an objective that Trenitalia also sets itself in its role as head of the FS Group’s Passenger Hub. In short, we are looking at the travel experience as a whole in order to combine the virtuous and sustainable option of the train with other pluses such as comfort, convenience and capillarity, to thus respond to an increase in demand for summer mobility that sees an initial auspicious confirmation in the bookings already registered for the coming months.”

One of the main objectives is to propose an increasingly convenient, multimodal and sustainable travel experience, which aims to go beyond the simple train journey, thanks to an offering that is as door-to-door and customised as possible, thus which can be modelled on the differing needs of those who choose green transport also for leisure and tourism. A key factor is the strengthening of modal integration between the means of transport managed by the companies belonging to the Hub by paying ever greater attention to the quality and effectiveness of first- and last-mile services – those offered in the phases preceding and following rail travel – all thanks also to specific agreements with other partners in shared and collective mobility.

In the summer of 2022, there will be more than 240 Frecce trains in circulation each day, with more stops dedicated to summer tourism, so as to ensure increasingly far-reaching connections. There are also additional connections and stops for the 124 Intercity Day and Night trains that travel throughout the country. In addition, the connections and stops for the 6,800 Regional trains will increase during the summer months, with the confirmation of Line connections to reach thousands of Italian locations by train along with Link connections (train+bus or train+ship). There are even additional trains and connections to and from abroad, up from the pre-Covid period, with the Frecciarossa Milan-Paris and Paris-Lyon, and the Eurocity and Euronight services to Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

One of the missions of Passenger Hub is to boost the development of Italian tourism, with frequent and capillary connections through the integration of the Group’s companies that deal with passenger transport by rail and by road, with offers and promotions dedicated to those who choose the convenience of collective means of transport to reach their holiday destinations, whilst also safeguarding the environment. Integration with other means of transport is also improved, including for bicycles with more than 20,000 spots per day available on Trenitalia trains.

Moreover, Trenitalia’s new experience passes through the unification of the country’s three gateways of railway stations, airports and ports, thanks to the introduction of Frecce trains between Rome’s Fiumicino airport and Naples, in addition to the Frecce services to/from Venice, Padua, Bologna and Florence, along with the experimentation of a service that will allow passengers and luggage to check in directly at the railway station of departure.

This year, Trenitalia is once again supporting the campaign against dog abandonment. Until 15 September, four-legged friends travel free aboard Frecce and Intercity trains each day of the week. On Regional trains, leashed dogs can now travel at any time of the day, with a ticket that can even be purchased on Trenitalia’s digital channels, at a 50% discount compared to the regular fare. Small animals, rather, can travel free in their pet carrier aboard all Trenitalia trains.

Finally, the Passenger Hub’s support for the world of art, culture, entertainment and sport is confirmed, bringing fans of live music to the great concerts scheduled from North to South and operating in conjunction with the most important sporting events of the season.