Women move the world

The FS Group’s CPO launches a motivational webinar on active mobility 

8 March 2021

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Equal Opportunities Committee of the FS Group launches the project Le Donne Muovono il Mondo (Women Move the World), in order to spread the culture of active mobility, which has never been so important as it is today for the well-being of women and men. Thanks to a motivational webinar curated by marathon runner and coach Max Monaco, the women of the national and territorial CPOs will have the opportunity to reboot the urge to get moving.

The initiative is part of the strategy to support Diversity & Inclusion, a theme dear to the FS Group that has always promoted the enhancement of women’s presence for the growth of company’s benefits as well as the results in terms of competitiveness.

The project seeks to remind us – specifically on the day celebrating women’s strength – how important it is to take action by dedicating quality time to one’s self by being active out in the open air. It is an opportunity to stop being sedentary by igniting positive energy through the entirely-female ability to “move the world”. This affirmation is to be shared amongst family and colleagues, albeit at a safe distance and by taking all precautions that the current situation requires. With this concrete action, the FS Group encourages active mobility and healthy habits that are good for personal health and for the environment.  

The statement from the FS Group’s Equal Opportunities Committee on the occasion of International Women’s Day

A March 8 that marks one year since the beginning of the pandemic. It has been a dramatic year, to say the least, due to the health emergency – a year of great transformations that have also revolutionised our way of understanding work space and time.

This transformation is still ongoing, foreshadowing possible structural changes that are largely yet to be built.

There is uncertainty but also fatigue, stagnation, waiting. Each of the women and men at the heart of this transformation have their own story. At times like these, we believe that there is a need for a great driving force. That expansive force that women know how to produce with the push of life.

We thought about walking, running, physical activity as a metaphor for this transformative push, precisely at this time when – due to the various restrictions – we have all grown a little lazier and perhaps discouraged. We thought we would start out specifically with us women. With an invitation to get moving out in the open air by walking or running, the focus is on our many colleagues in the national and territorial CPOs, so that they can then testify to their family and colleagues that, whereby in the physical conditions to do so, you can escape being sedentary and feel better, turning on positive energy and activating the internal vibrancy that may feel a little dulled right now.  An invitation to find time for one’s self.

For this purpose, we invited Max Monaco, a marathon runner and motivational coach with the association 6piú, who captivated us with a passionate motivational webinar to activate – or reactivate – the desire and pleasure of moving. Why to do it, how to do it and how to support each other at a distance were all explained.

We women of the CPOs developed this initiative, given that we are also women in transport and the FS Group, in the belief that public transport and active and sustainable mobility should go hand-in.

With this invitation to move, there is also a passion for our work and the will to change things. After all, women do move the world.