#imstayingathome. Visit the Pietratarsa Railway Museum

A three-stage virtual tour through Fondazione FS Facebook pages  

Naples, 18 March 2020

Following ministerial provisions on the protection of public health, the Fondazione FS Italiane has temporarily suspended travel on historic trains and visits to the National Railway Museum in Pietrarsa.

To allow everyone taking part in the #iorestoacasa campaign to continue to enjoy the attractions on display at the Museum, a virtual tour has been created to guide "long-distance visitors" through the trains and the boulevards of the former Bourbon factory, telling their story. The virtual tour is divided into three episodes and will give visitors the opportunity to explore the ancient locomotives and lush gardens, comfortably seated in an armchair or on the sofa at home.

To go on this unusual tour, all you need to do is visit the Facebook page of the Pietrarsa Railway Museum where you can view suggestive films in which a narrator's voice acts as an invisible guide along the avenues and in the pavilions, providing information about the places visited and the exhibits, curiosities and anecdotes.

Thanks to spectacular aerial shots you can admire the panorama from the Museum from an unusual perspective, as well as the treasures it houses, which tell the history of the Railways and Italy through its trains.