Gianfranco Battisti attends the Isfort conference on the mobility of Italians

4 November 2020

Today the 17th Report on Italian mobility was presented at the conference organised by Isfort (Istituto Superiore di Formazione e Ricerca per i Trasporti). The CEO and General Director of the FS Group, Gianfranco Battisti, also spoke and illustrated how the mobility system is evolving, taking into account the current health and economic crisis.

"We are rethinking our business model, to adapt it to both the present and the future," explained the CEO of FS Italiane. "Health protection is the focus of attention, people are asking for door to door security. An intermodal mobility system is the key model for competitive development." Gianfranco Battisti then reiterated the importance of connections between large cities and smaller towns: "It is essential to ensure that large urban centres are connected with smaller ones and to invest in sustainable energy sources and infrastructure and the conversion of disused ones”. The CEO then concluded his speech by referring to the Group's innovation strategies: "We are increasingly developing our digital platform, not just the modes of transport, but also integrating them with the tourism industry".