RFI obtains Asset Management Certification

The first and only certification obtained in Italy for managing material assets

Rome, 13 September 2019

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (FS Italiane Group), manager of the national railway infrastructure, has obtained certification for the company’s asset management system, in accordance with the ISO 55001 international standard.

Accredited by Italcertifer via Accredia, this is the first and only certification obtained in Italy for managing material assets. In the international context, the FS Italiane Group company is amongst the first railway infrastructure managers to boast such recognition, in consideration of the broad extension of the railway network operated, extending across some 16,700 kilometres, with around 2,000 stations and 26,000 employees.

The key benefits of an integrated and optimised asset management system include return on investment and stable growth, long-term planning and performance sustainability, improved risk management and corporate governance, the possibility to demonstrate choices such the best in terms of cost/benefit within a regulated financing system, and overall improvement of customer satisfaction.

The ISO 55001 standard provides the requirements for an efficient and integrated asset management system able to help organisations optimise the availability and profitability of their assets for the entire lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal.

The certification obtained is part of a broader strategy, in line with the Group’s 2019-2023 Industrial Plan which, through the asset-centric approach, aims to further ensure the efficient management of the network and to create value, both within the Company and towards stakeholders.