The "L'Italia del Treno" promotional spot, award-winner in Los Angeles

An international award for the documentary that told the story of the trains that made the most significant journeys in the past, allowing us to relive the history of Italy from the passenger carriage.

An important acknowledgement for one of the spots created for the launch campaign of "L’Italia del Treno" (Italy by Train), the documentary series by the FS Italiane Foundation and History Channel broadcast on Sky in October 2018. 

The common thread was the history of Italy told from a particular perspective: a train window. Five episodes to describe Italy, the Beautiful Country, as never presented before on television, telling the story of how the train managed to change our way of living and travelling.

At the Promax Global Excellence Awards 2019, creativity won the prize for the world's best promotional campaign.

In particular, A+E Networks Italia won the gold medal in the Content for digital category for the video showing several people at the Milan Central Railway Station waiting to take the train, whose attention is drawn to the voice announcing the arrivals and departures of the train. On the screen of one of the station's numerous monitors, old films suddenly appear, showing unsuspecting protagonists immortalised in important moments of their life, lived on board a train.

The idea for the campaign was conceived and developed by the marketing and on-air department of A+E Networks Italia.

L'Italia del Treno is a production by Stand By Me for A+E Networks Italia. The film direction is by Paolo Malizia, who is also the author along with Tommaso Vecchio. Simona Ercolani is creative producer, while Fabrizio Forner is the executive producer.