The statements by Gianfranco Battisti, CEO of FS Italiane, on the Green Bond issued

Rome, 05 July 2019

On the occasion of the second green bond issued by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane on 4 July, Gianfranco Battisti - as CEO and General Manager - issued the following statements:

“The great demand of the financial markets, especially the foreign markets, which amounted to 65% of the green bonds issued yesterday by FS Italiane," underlines Chief Executive Officer Gianfranco Battisti, "confirms investors' attention to the Group's commitment towards sustainable, collective and integrated mobility that improves the quality of life of people who use trains for work, study, tourism and entertainment.

Sustainability, and particularly environmental sustainability, is one of the pillars of FS Italiane's 2019-2023 Business Plan, which envisages investments of 58 billion euro as a contribution to the economic growth of the nation. This growth will facilitate an annual increment, throughout the 2019-2023 period, of an additional 90 million passengers aboard our trains, 600 million fewer kilograms of CO₂ emitted and 400 thousand fewer vehicles on the roads."