The 2019 historic train programme presented in Milan

This morning in Milan, Claudia Terzi as Regional Councillor for Infrastructure and Transport and Luigi Cantamessa as the Director General of the Fondazione FS.

Milan, 8 May 2019

There will be 36 historic trains, with a total of 4,800 seats, operating in 2019 along the main tourist routes throughout Lombardy until October.

The Region's commitment to the railway tourism sector is thus consolidated. Compared to 2018, the Department of Infrastructure and Transport increased total investments in historic trains by almost 80,000 euro, reinforcing the offer.

The economic data and the 2019 historic train schedule were presented this morning in the Sala Reale of the Milano Centrale station by Claudia Terzi, the Regional Councillor for Infrastructure and Transport, and Luigi Cantamessa, the Fondazione FS Director General. All historic trains will be operated with historic carriages from the 1930s and a steam locomotive.

The programme was created in collaboration with Ferrovie Nord Milano Group and Trenord. Also this year, specific agreements have been entered into with lake navigation companies to allow passengers on historic trains to continue their tourist itinerary aboard the characteristic vessels.

The first four historic train services to be offered during 2019 (31 March, 7 and 14 April and 5 May) were all sold out on board.

The complete programme for all historic trains can be viewed in the "Travel and Events" section of the website