FS Innovation - Open Italy: RFI at the Kickoffs

Following along the tracks of Italferr, which won last week’s Open Italy challenge, it is now the turn of the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, engaged now and in the future in the last Kickoff event before entering the finals stages scheduled to begin in October.

Rome, 21 September 2020

As part of the multi-corporate programme promoted by the ELIS Consortium and FS Innovation to promote Open Innovation between companies and startups, RFI will be flanked by the two startups Windcity and Be-Link in two Proof of Concept (PoCs). For the first project, in line with its commitment to decarbonisation and the use of renewable energy, the FS Group company intends to test distributed energy production solutions, also in support of maintenance activities and emergency management. Amongst these is the testing of the technology proposed by startups in the vicinity of the galleries to collect the natural wind of the site and the air flows greatly connected to the passage of trains.

The second project, rather, continues along the path of innovation that sees the introduction of drones to support the inspection and monitoring processes of the assets. This Proof of Concept is the opportunity to further the usability of fixed-wing drones for real-time surveys aimed at providing detailed information on the state of the line, prior to the arrival of staff dedicated to the inspection.