Quality System

Supervises the development, dissemination and updating of quality policies and the design of the corporate Quality Management System
In accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard. Ensures the development of quality culture through the implementation of targeted information and dissemination actions, while maintaining the necessary relationships with the Certification Bodies. Tales care of the preparation, management and implementation control of the Quality Management Plan. Ensures the definition and management of the periodic reporting system aimed at verifying the effectiveness of the results of business improvement initiatives and monitoring QMS indicators, including by comparing the performance of internal processes with similar external processes

Role Examples:

Quality Analyst for TRENITALIA
Manages the dissemination of policies, guidelines and procedures for competence and verification of its application as well as the identification, management and development of processes for improving system processes.
Supervises the implementation of projects for the implementation of the Quality Management System for the interested party/responsible business.

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