Engineering: research, design, construction

Civil Engineering and Railway Tracks

Ensures the definition and updating of technical, regulatory, economic and contractual standards for the design, construction, maintenance and inspection of railway tracks and civil engineering works.

Role Examples:

Project Engineer for RFI
Carries out the design, defines the technical specifications, prepares the necessary documents for the project.

Construction Engineering
Carries out work performance inspections relating to a contract or a job order in accordance with applicable laws and contractual obligations. Monitors the physical progress of the consistency of works/plants regarding expertise and the technical and construction specifications based on the detailed programming of the workmanship.

Role Examples:

Works Assistant for ITALFERR
Inspects the works ensuring their execution in accordance with Italian law, legal provisions and contractual obligations.
Monitors the physical progress of the works, is present during the completion of the works, the laboratory tests and on-site inspections by recording their successful execution. Maintains on-site safety in accordance with the requirements of current legislation and verifies that the materials and equipment have passed the expected testing phases.
Provides for the preparation of accounting documents necessary for issuing and accounting of the works progress status (SAL), in accordance with contractual requirements.

Maintenance Engineering
Presides over the maintenance engineering process in terms of proper identification, research and development of processes and the model maintenance of rolling stock and railway infrastructure, including interventions on technological equipment to support maintenance. Ensures the planning of the maintenance cycle updates required by the analysis of the data regarding the performance of rolling stock. Inspects the effectiveness of maintenance activities and plant status by monitoring the infrastructure quality parameters.

Role Examples:

Process Engineer for RFI
Collaborates with all process and manufacturing engineering activities. Monitors and measures maintenance events that occur during the life cycle of the infrastructure (consumption, degradation trends, failures) to periodically determine improvements in terms of effectiveness of maintenance interventions.

Maintenance processes analyst for TRENITALIA
Deals with the definition and update of the maintenance processes and methods (maintenance plans and their improvement and operational cycles); elaborates proposals for improvement/corrective actions regarding engineering of the rolling stock; carries out collection and analysis activities of improvement plans on maintenance processes based on their return to operation and Maintenance Lines

Plant Engineering
Carries out practical, operational installation, maintenance, inspection of installations and structures, equipment, and rolling stock. Also carries out commonly used tasks including the related administrative operations; also carries out the operation of traction vehicles.

Role Examples:

Industrial Equipment Planner for TRENITALIA

Carries out activities aimed at the study and identification of technical standards necessary for the design of industrial infrastructures and layouts of Industrial Plants; supervision and inspection of the execution of routine and extraordinary maintenance work at the plant; implementation of projects for the development of the management system of management of immovable properties; identifies programming priorities of relevant investments.

Engineering Technologies
Manages the programming, monitoring and editorial work created to design traditional technologies (railway electrification, power generation and transport systems) and innovative (safety and signalling systems, command and control systems, TLC).

Role Examples:

Technology Engineer for Italferr  
Participates in drafting the design plan and defines the list of design work. Monitors the progress of the design by verifying the timetable and constraints of planned commitments. Assures the development of competence planning based on the Design Plan and performs self-inspections as well as the estimated metric calculations of the relevant works. Prepares the Security and Coordination Plans at the design stage. Interfaces with PEs to evaluate project technical change proposals, non-conformance resolution proposals as well as proposals for project variants.

Rolling Stock Contract Management

Assures the engineering process and the construction of rolling stock;
carries out Integrated Programming, designs and manages commodities for the supply and renovation of rolling stock;
monitors the performance of the Rolling Stock Park and possible corrective actions; defines the testing methods and relative execution of interventions on the rolling stock.

Role Examples:

Contracts Controller TRENITALIA
Deals with analysing and monitoring the progress of the project in terms of time, cost, releases, to write up the reports on the progress of orders and prepares the necessary documentation for the overall planning of industrial investment projects.

Contracts Manager for TRENITALIA

Analyses and monitors the performance of orders from the supplier; manages the activities of the contract for the supply and/or renovation of the rolling stock for the assigned phase and within the scope of the relevant contract; manages the interface between the buyer and the supplier acting as technical entity for the order.

Research and Experimentation

Assists in the field of rolling stock, infrastructure and railways;
the coordination of research, development and testing activities and projects regarding railway materials, products and systems;
Presides over the development of scientific and technological knowledge and their application;
experimental testing of rolling stock and High Speed lines;
the feasibility assessment of the technical changes.

Role Examples:

Researcher for TRENITALIA

Carries out activities such as: analysis of performance and life cycle of the product in operation and design of any modifications and improvements;
definition of the technical and performance characteristics of rolling stock systems and components; definition and verification of changes to rolling stock derived from the experience of the operation; study, implementation and monitoring of research projects of competence; study and development of new technologies.

Rolling stock tests investigator for TRENITALIA

Deals with the definition of functional specifications, design and construction of instrumentation and equipment necessary for carrying out tests;
execution of the necessary interventions (calibrations, etc.) to maintain the efficiency of the assigned instrument assets;
preparation and execution of experimental testing of rolling stock/subassemblies/components in accordance with the technical specifications.

Experienced Researcher in Technological Product Approval for RFI
Checks on the processes of innovative products (e.g. audio-frequency track circuits) by taking care of the field trials and laboratory testing and following the process until they are approved. Post-activation checks, product availability/reliability performance and monitors performance.

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