Engineers are a key figure for the success of our business

We are a solid, dynamic company with staff who use technologies, innovation and expertise, while working in close contact with each other and sharing their experience. Our organisation is based on professionalism and personal growth.

Here at FS Italiane, engineers really live up to their name and have the chance to express their own creativity, using their own knowledge while tackling the most advanced technologies.

We are looking for people with solid methodological training who wish to combine it with high-level operating expertise.

Working at FS means accepting the challenge and becoming a leading figure in tackling it within an environment of continuous growth where you can fulfil all your potential.

In fact, if you’re an engineer, the integration pathway at our company is tailor-made for you. It’s organised so you can get in contact and gain first-hand experience with our various companies, thereby acquiring multi-disciplinary training which will let you choose your future path within our complex, diverse organisation.

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