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Foundation FS Italiane

The Italian FS Foundation has been established with the aim of developing and preserving the inestimable historical, technical, engineering and industrial heritage of the Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane.

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Focus on

Our Mission

We create and manage railway transport works and services for our customers while contributing to the development of a great project of mobility and logistics for Italy. Technological innovation and safety are what make us stand out, two qualities recognised at international level. We are always at the forefront in the process of modernising Italy, through a path of development that respects the environment and the territory.

A century of history

The establishment of Ferrovie dello Stato on 21 April 1905 was a milestone in Italy unification process. In more than a century of serving citizens, our Group has contributed to Italy’s progress and the economic, social and cultural development.

For Enviroment

Environmental policy

We intend to pursue the principle of sustainability by promoting an excellent conduct regarding environmental protection.

Emissions, discharges, waste, clean-ups

In relation to the wide range of our activitie, our potential interferences with the environment concern all four elements: air, water and ground.

For People

The Help Centers

The Help Centers are the first major solidarity project launched by the FS Group to combat the social problems encountered in Italian train stations.

  • Culture

    Piemonte Card

    The Torino+Piemonte Card is a card which provides discounts and special offers throughout the region. Trenitalia clients will be able to purchase the Torino+Piemonte Card at a reduced rate.

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  • Project

    The Shoah Memorial

    Historical remembrance, collective conscience, civil conviviality: these are the values the Milan Shoah Memorial is intended to promote and illustrate in relation to the themes of genocide and discrimination

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  • School

    The Student Card

    The Student Card gives access to culture and new areas of social interaction by providing price reductions, competitions and promotions

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