Motion graphic - Art direction

Alkanoids is a creative studio based in Milan which specialises in motion graphics, art direction and 2D/3D animation. The studio has worked for over ten years in the audio-visual communications field with the most important brands, the main broadcasters and the best agencies.

They can boast an in-house team of expert designers with diverse skills that mean they can bring a transverse approach to handling a very broad range of work: illustration, traditional, 3D and stop motion animation. Keeping their creativity burning fiercely is a tough job and that is why Alkanoids pays special attention to collateral projects, to which it dedicates nearly 30% of the total work time. The firm’s watchwords are research, experimentation and development.


Luca Font
Visual artist

Born in Bergamo and resident in Milan, Luca has always been a happy explorer of everything that is outside his mental and geographic limits.

Having grown up in the Italian graffiti world from the mid-1990s, he had enough of the glare of paint on cement and dedicated himself exclusively to graphic lettering, which he still considers the purest form of “getting up”, and whose stylistic demands have permanently shaped his concept of creativity.

After a long interlude in the advertising world, from which he obtained a deeper understanding of social and communication mechanisms, from 2008 he has worked full time as a tattoo artist. In his eyes, its unchangeable permanence represents the ideal nemesis of the constantly ephemeral and temporary world of graffiti.

Whether he is expressing himself through ink on skin, acrylic on paper or paints on walls, the distinctive characteristic of his artistic output consists in a continuing search for visual synthesis and a graphic treatment that brings together minimalism and expressiveness.

He continues to consider creative expression a primary need rather than a job.

IL GIGANTE TATUATO - The Tattooed Giant

A giant who is in love with the environment but is restricted to tight spaces. An exploration of sustainability illustrated through the tattoos and gestures of a creature who comes from the future. Thanks to augmented reality, the giant’s tattoos magically come to life, giving rise to an immersive experience and recreating the surrounding nature[EF1] . The giant’s hand points the way to the city of the future. The work interprets the idea of sustainability in the FS Group’s Urban business unit.