FS International to the Africa Rail Congress

Photo: FS International to the Africa Rail Congress

On 19 and 20 June, the FS Italiane Group, with FS International, took part in the 22nd edition of the Africa Rail Congress in Johannesburg, the most important and participated fair in the mobility sector of the African continent. Governmental institutions of the 22 African countries, the representatives of the major railway companies in the sub-Saharan area and the main suppliers of the Rail Industry all attended the Congress.

FS International, currently extremely interested in the African market, attended the fair to develop relationships and communicate the know-how of the FS Italiane Group, prospecting the potential applicability in the railway sector and of mobility in general on the continent. In particular, an event was organised on the stand of FS Italiane (Italian State Railways, Your Worldwide Partner for Integrated Mobility), which was attended by the main representatives of the Group in the area (partners, customers and institutions).

Another success factor was the intervention of Nino Cingolani, Head of Global Rail Solutions of FS International, during the opening session of the conference. This focused on themes that characterise the current macro trends: population concentration in large areas, urbanisation, digitalisation, the environment, the gradual adoption of common standards and the interactions of these phenomena with mobility for goods and passengers.

In his speech, Nino Cingolani illustrated the experience of the FS Italiane Group in managing these trends with a proactive approach, highlighting how efficient mobility management is a driving force for development. Specifically, the efforts of FS have taken a path towards the digitalisation of services to people and goods/logistics, data and passenger security, the best use and sustainable exploitation of urban spaces in stations and surrounding areas, as well as the adoption of innovation as a continuous practice. Furthermore, the innovations adopted were presented, with the consequent benefits for the FS Group, in the area of personnel management.

The FS Italiane Group embodies a significant instrument for the contribution to a decisive development of the African continent, which currently reveals an enormous gap for what concerns mobility of people and goods (interoperability standards, service integration, security, asset management).