FS Italiane confirms its position as the leading Italian industrial group in terms investments in Italy (up 8.4% from 2018), significantly contributing to the country’s growth prospect with the development of the transport, infrastructure and the logistics sectors.

Total expenditure for investments by the FS Italiane Group in 2019 amounts to €6,943 million, €2,827 million of which was self-financed and €4,116 million through government grants. The Group’s capital expenditure entailed developing and managing volumes of roughly €8.1 billion in 2019, 96% of which in Italy.

Approximately 75% of capital expenditure refers to the Infrastructure operating segment, with Rete Ferroviaria Italiana investing €4,679 million, including €4,584 million for the traditional/HC network and €95 million for the HS/HC network between Turin, Milan and Naples, and Anas group investing €1,308 million.

Roughly 24% refers to the Transport operating segment for projects devoted to the transport of passengers by road and rail, both in Italy and abroad, and to the transport of freight. Specifically, Trenitalia invested €1,451 million (including ordinary maintenance), the Mercitalia Group approximately €174 million, the Busitalia group €192 million, Ferrovie del Sud Est e Servizi Automobilistici €10 million and the remaining companies operating abroad €64 million (Netinera Deutschland, C2C, Thello and TrainOSE).

The Real estate and Other services segment accounts for the remainder of the Group’s investments and they were mainly made by FS Sistemi Urbani and Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane for the maintenance and upgrade of the respective property assets and ICT projects.

Source: 2019 Annual Report Highlights