In 2018 and in contrast with the Italian economic slowdown, the FS Italiane Group succeeded in bringing continuity to the actions planned in its Investment Plan and demonstrated a trend of spending on growing investments, confirming its role as the main investor in Italy.

The FS Italiane Group’s total investment expenditure in 2018 amounted to 5,871 million euro, of which 1,144 million euro came from self-financing and 4,727 million euro was contributed by public sources. Concerning the so-termed “technical investments”, the Group developed and managed volumes of about 7.5 billion euro in 2018, of which 98% was in Italy.

About 84% of technical investments concern the infrastructure operational sector, in which the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana projects accounted for 4,769 million euro, with 4,654 million euro being for the Conventional/High-capacity Network and 115 million euro for the High-speed/High-capacity Turin-Milan-Naples network and 1,391 million euro for the Anas network.

Around 15% of the technical investments relate rather to the transport operational sector, for investments dedicated to road and rail passenger transport, both in Italy and abroad, and to the freight transport sector. In particular, Trenitalia recorded investments of 798 million euro (including cyclical maintenance), the Mercitalia group of 119 million euro, the Busitalia group of 152 million euro and the remaining companies operating abroad for 35 million euro (Netinera Deutschland GmbH, Trenitalia c2c Ltd, Thello SAS and Trainose SA).

The remaining amount of the Group’s investments is concentrated on the Real Estate and Other Services sector, mainly undertaken by FS Sistemi Urbani and the Italian State Railways for maintenance and enhancement of their real estate assets and ICT projects

Source: 2018 Financial Report