FS International at SARA Rail 2019

FS International took part in the conference of the Southern African Railway Association (SARA) held on 23 May in Johannesburg.

SARA’s members are the railways of the 15 countries in the SADC (Southern African Development Community) region, some major railway clients and suppliers, along with other organisations interested in the development of the railway infrastructure. The mission consists in promoting the creation of a mobility system for both passengers and goods, in which the railway industry occupies a central place in supporting social and economic growth in the Region and in the Continent overall. This is possible thanks to the development of an adequate capacity and increasing operational efficiency in regional rail.

In his speech at the conference, the Director of the Africa Region of FS International, Javier Casanas, briefly illustrated the evolution and experience gained by FS Italiane over time, showing how these aspects - together with a careful and targeted development of technology - have favoured the implementation of an effective plan, consolidation and growth. As a direct consequence, the Group focused attention on the customer, enhancing their assets and promoting both modal integration and maximum environmental sustainability.

The local railway operators and the present railway authorities expressed their appreciation, paving the way for new future collaborations.

Today, the African continent has enormous potential yet the infrastructure and transport services are often obsolete, having a substantial technological gap compared to more advanced countries. The growth margin is, thus, particularly high. In this context, the FS Italiane Group can certainly make a significant contribution through its multidisciplinary expertise (consulting, training, design, O&M, and so on).