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22 July 2019
Arson at Firenze Rovezzano: full refund for those who decide to cancel their trip

Full refunds for high-speed train and medium-long distance passengers who cancel their trip or who were affected by the suspension of rail traffic, with delays and cancellations, following the fire that was deliberately started by persons yet unknown near the Rovezzano station, on the Rome-Florence line.

08 July 2019
The "L'Italia del Treno" promotional spot, award-winner in Los Angeles

An important acknowledgement for one of the spots created for the launch campaign of "L’Italia del Treno" (Italy by Train), the documentary series by the FS Italiane Foundation and History Channel broadcast on Sky in October 2018.

28 June 2019
FS International
FS International to the Africa Rail Congress

On 19 and 20 June, the FS Italiane Group, with FS International, took part in the 22nd edition of the Africa Rail Congress in Johannesburg, the most important and participated fair in the mobility sector of the African continent.

24 June 2019
FS International
Cooperation between FS Italiane and the Hungarian and Russian Railways

On 18 June at the headquarters of the Hungarian Railway (MAV) of Budapest a trilateral meeting was held between delegates from FS Italiane Group (FS International, Italferr and Mercitalia Rail), promotor of the initiative, MAV, Russian Railways (RZD) and RZD Logistics.