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29-30 June 2019
Innovation and mobility for citizens with a focus on sustainable urban development

City, infrastructure and innovation: on the occasion of the Sustainable Development Festival in Rome: the “Innovazione e mobilità dei cittadini per lo sviluppo urbano sostenibile” conference.

25-30 June 2019
Institutional events
FS Italiane as the main corporate sponsor of the Italian Tech Week in Turin

From 25 to 30 June, Turin will host one of the country’s most important events dedicated to technology and innovation: the Italian Tech Week (ITW).

19-20 June 2019
Institutional events
The roadshow inspired by Open Innovation will stop in Berlin from 19 to 21 June

Scheduled for 19 June in Berlin is the SMAU | Italy RestartsUp in Berlin, a roadshow to accelerate Italian innovation.

4-7 June 2019
Institutional events
Transport Logistics 2019

Polo Mercitalia will be present in Munich for “Transport Logistic”, one of the leading events for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management, being a great opportunity for visitors from all over the world and exhibitors presenting new products and solutions. Amongst the activities that will take place at the Polo Mercitalia stand is the Commercial Presentation of the 2019-2023 Industrial...