Company: Anas International Enterprise

Category: Road infrastructures

Country: Greece

Geographic area: Europe

Commissioned by: Hellenic Asset Development Fund

Year: 2017 (project completed)

The project

In 2017, Anas International Enterprise carried out the surveying of the paving of the Egnatia motorway, in Greece, on behalf of Hellenic Asset Development Fund. The analyses were carried out on a road stretch of about 1,900 km, using TSD (Traffic Speed Deflectometer), a system that monitors the quality of the road.

The Egnatia highway is an infrastructure connecting the Adriatic port of Igoumenitsa with Turkey and crosses the Hellenic peninsula from west to east. In addition to the Egnatia, three vertical axes of connection with neighbouring Balkan countries were also analysed (Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria).

The results of the analyses carried out will contribute to the raising of quality standards of the paving, with consequent environmental protection, increased levels of safety, and road network viability.

The technology

The work was carried out with TSD (Traffic Speed Deflectometer), a means for monitoring the quality of road superstructures. TSD measures the lift and longitudinal regularity of the continuous paving and the average traffic speed (80 km / h), thus avoiding the hindrance of normal traffic flow on the artery.

How TSD works:

  • the vehicle performs an immediate assessment of the quality of the paving mixture. This way, an effective and timely control of the materials used during the construction of the work and the verification of the useful life of the infrastructure is possible.
  • a load of 13 tons acts on the rear axle of the trailer, which stresses and deforms the pavement. The extent of the deformation of the flooring is obtained by integrating a laser Doppler measurement mounted on a rigid bar contained on the trailer.

The know how

The technologies and methodologies of Anas in the management and maintenance of the road network allow it to effectively analyse the materials used and the state of the road. Synergies are also possible with the presence of FS in Greece, following the acquisition of the train operator TrainOse.

Graphic: infographic of Anas International Enterprise project in Greece