Foto: lavori sulla Linea Urbana Sarmiento in Argentina

Company: Italferr

Category: Engineering & PMC

Country: Argentina

Geographic area: Latin America

Year: 2018 (activity still in progress)

The project

In Argentina, Italferr, with the role of main designer, deals with the development of all engineering activities related to both civil engineering and technological components of the Sarmiento railway line: signalling, communications, energy, armament, operation, track, tunnel installations , maintenance facilities, interfaces with rolling stock.

After two years of preliminary specialist activities, on 19 March 2018 the contract was signed with the group of companies consisting of the Italian company Ghella and the Argentinian company Sacde. The contract includes three phases during which Italferr will provide:

  • initial technical assistance to define the basic specifications of the integral railway system;
  • elaboration of the basic and detailed project of underground works and civil engineering;
  • support between the civil engineering and technological engineering projects.

The project consists in the complete rehabilitation of the Sarmiento urban line for a length of 36 km, from the centre of Buenos Aires to the western sectors of the city.

There are also 9 new stations, with an excavation area of 300 square meters which will be built with traditional excavation methods using NATM (New Austrian Tunnelling Method). The tunnel will offer a metropolitan service with capacity for over 150 million yearly passengers.

Know how

Italferr is able to manage all engineering issues with multidisciplinary competence, particularly in the field of tunnelling.

For the renewal of the Sarmiento urban line, both the traditional excavation method (NATM) and the sectioned method will be used, although these are very different from the methodologies adopted in Italy. In Italy full-section or mechanised excavation is adopted, for a greater guarantee of operator safety during the execution phase.