Photo: railways in Egypt

Company: FS Italiane

Category: Advisory

Country: Egypt

Geographic area: Middle East and North Africa

Year: 2016 (activity still in progress)

The project

In 2016, FS Italiane won the advisory role for the re-form of the Egyptian railway system wanted by the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt and financed by the World Bank. The aim is to improve the rail system in terms of governance, reorganization of processes, safety, and sustainability. The efficiency achieved will result in reduced costs in the transport of passengers and goods through transparent rules, allowing access to individuals and new investments in a more commercial and market-oriented railroad.

It is therefore a transfer of legal and economic competences related to safety and railway operation, in a structured and connected methodological framework.

Know how

The consultancy project is divided into seven tasks:

  • analysis of the current state of the railways on the level of performance from an operational and financial point of view;
  • identification of the main key areas for improvement of the legal and regulatory framework of the railways, with the study of the new legal framework aimed at improving the operational and financial performance;
  • improvement of the governance of the railway sector;
  • improvement of corporate governance;
  • principles for a new financial framework;
  • principles for the implementation of a systemic approach to safety for the railway sector;
  • elaboration of the terms of reference for the studies aimed at railway reform in Egypt.

To complete some tasks, a first Report was prepared and delivered to the World Bank delegation and to the Egyptian Railways. For the second week of May, a second report is scheduled to be delivered, while final closure of the project is expected by December 2018.