Company: Italcertifer (in collaboration with Italferr)

Country: Saudi Arabia

Geographic area: Middle East North Africa

Commissioned by: Saudi Railway Organization

Anno: 2018 (in progress)

The project

As part of the project, Italcertifer is called upon to guarantee the certification of safety and quality standards for the new high-speed line Mecca-Medina, in Saudi Arabia, in line with European standards.

Italcertifer, together with Italferr, has signed a contract for security verification services in Madrid, in relation to the second phase of the Haramain high speed project under construction in Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with the Al Shoula Consortium and the Saudi-Spanish Train Project c . LTD. The contract was approved by the Saudi Railway Organization, the Saudi railway company, and testifies to the excellence of Italian design, as well as the certification of safety standards. The contract was recently extended to December 2018 including activities relating to the role of Independent Competent Person ("ICP") and Safety Verification Engineer ("EVS").

In order to increase safety standards, the verification involves several structural subsystems (infrastructure, energy, signalling, and rolling stock) and functional (Operations & Maintenance), in all phases of the life cycle (design, construction, installation, and testing).

The know how

The client has selected the Interoperability Technical Specifications (STI) adopted by the European Community as a normative reference for the project. Italferr and Italcertifer have exported their deep knowledge of European safety standards, allowing their implementation even in a context where there are no mandatory appropriate level standards.

Graphic: Italcertifer project in Saudi Arabia