Company: Anas International Enterprise

Category: Advisory

Country: Argentina

Geographic area: Latin America

Year: 2017 (activity still in progress)

Consultancy for the development and implementation of a quality system for the construction and maintenance of road surfaces

Since 2017, Anas International Enterprise has been developing and implementing a quality system for the construction and maintenance of road surfaces in the Santa Fe province of Argentina. The project involves 4,000 km of paved roads and about 8,000 km of connections to be paved by 2025.

The first phase of consulting, which has already seen the preparation of a quality manual and the definition of checklists to ensure the quality of the paving, will end with the training of the auditors in July 2018.

In the second phase, a software is provided for the processing of key parameters concerning the quality of the paving and the related construction processes. These quality indicators will be previously agreed on by the customer and elaborated on the basis of the audits and laboratory tests carried out.

Expected benefits

The construction of an environmentally friendly road network is a key objective for the Santa Fe area, home to major industrial, agricultural, and livestock activities. The training undertaken in the field by Anas International Enterprise, through visits and inspections, has demonstrated the effectiveness of the method thus confirming its validity. Thanks to the application of defined procedures and the optimization of maintenance processes and costs, a high level of performance can be guaranteed by the contractors of the entire production chain.

Graphic: Anas International Enterprise project in Argentina