The FS Italiane Group is a point of reference in the transport sector at an international level, both due it its exceptional skills in the railway sector and the innovative technologies utilised.

Through its subsidiaries, the FS Group operates in a range of European countries, in particular: Netinera and TX Logistik - in passenger and freight transport respectively - in Germany, Thello in France, c2c in the United Kingdom, Trainose in Greece and Qbuzz - a local road and rail public transport company - in the Netherlands. 

is the second-placed French railway operator, with a turnover of 44 million euro/year.

Since 2016, it has been 100% controlled by Trenitalia and operates connections between Italy and France, particularly along the Paris-Venice and Marseille-Milan routes.

The FS Group operates in Germany through two subsidiaries: Netinera Deutschland and TX Logistik.

Netinera Deutschland, acquired by FS in 2011, it is the second-largest local public transport operator in the country, mainly active in regional transport, and has a turnover of over 600 million euro/year.

TX Logistik is one of the largest German freight railway companies and is controlled by Mercitalia Logistics, the FS Group's freight transport company. In addition to Germany, TX Logistik operates within several European countries, with a turnover of around 248 million euro per year.

Great Britain
Trenitalia UK
, the foreign corporation under specific legislation based in London and 100% controlled by Trenitalia, acquired NXET (National Express Essex Thameside) in 2017.

NXET runs the c2c (City to Coast) franchise for connections between the city of London and Shoeburyness on the east coast in the South Essex region. c2c is the fourth-largest railway operator in Great Britain, with an annual turnover of around 211 million euro.

, the main Greek railway company, was acquired by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane in 2017. The company operates both passenger and freight transport and had a 2018 turnover of 117 million euro. The main line on which daily connections are offered is Athens-Thessaloniki.

In 2017, Busitalia - the FS Group's road transport company - acquired the Dutch company Qbuzz.

Qbuzz is the third-largest local public transport operator in the Netherlands, with an annual turnover of around 200 million euro. The company manages metropolitan rail and road services in the areas of Utrecht and Groningen-Drenthe.

FS Italiane is present in Poland through the Pol-Rail freight railway company, owned by Mercitalia Rail and PKP Cargo (Polskie Koleje Państwowe).