Netinera Deutschland

More than 3,400 employees overall, a fleet of about 240 trains and 800 buses

On 25 February 2011 the FS Group, in partnership with Cube Infrastructure, finalised the purchase from Deutsche Bahn of Arriva Deutschland, the current Netinera Deutschland, and of the complex corporate group headed by it.

With this acquisition our Group consolidates and expands its presence in the international market, having created an important operational base in Germany – where it already operates with TX Logistik for cargo transport and logistics - also in the passenger transport sector. In terms of corporate structure, the parent company Netinera owns seven companies, which in turn control over 40 firms: 

  • Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen (OHE, a subsidiary of Netinera Bachstein),
  • Netinera Region Ost,
  • Regentalbahn,
  • Verkehrsbetriebe Bils,
  • Autobus Sippe,
  • Südbranderburger Nahverkehrs (SBN)
  • Netinera Immobilien.

Territorially speaking Netinera is arranged into four areas that adopt a regional business approach in the various German Länder, through customer-oriented companies that offer services with own brands mainly in the road and rail passenger sector across the entire territory.

The business areas covered include railway transport, road passenger transport, logistics, vehicle maintenance and repair, railway infrastructure.

More than 3,400 employees overall, a fleet of about 240 trains and 800 buses producing about 33 million trains-km and approximately 45 million buses-km540 km of railway infrastructure and various workshops (trains and buses) providing first and second level maintenance services to many internal and external customers. 

In 2011 turnover was about Euro 490 million.


Netinera Deutschland Management

Chief Executive Officer: Jost Knebel
Chief Financial Officer: Markus Resch
Chief Human Resources Officier: Alexander Sterr

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