Foto: Netinera

On 25 February 2011 the FS Group, in partnership with Cube Infrastructure, finalised the purchase from Deutsche Bahn of Arriva Deutschland group and renamed it NETINERA Deutschland GmbH.

With this acquisition our Group consolidates and expands its presence in the international market, having created an important operational base in Germany – where it had already been operating with TX Logistik for cargo transport and logistics. The business areas of NETINERA include railway transport, road passenger transport, vehicle maintenance and repair, railway infrastructure. 

With these strong regional brands, NETINERA stands for environmentally friendly mobility, innovative expertise and modern transport logistics:

Passenger Rail Transport: alex, enno, erixx, metronom, oberpfalzbahn, ODEG, trilex, vlexx, vogtlandbahn, waldbahn.

Bus Transport: Autobus Sippel, CeBus, KVG, Verkehrsbetriebe Bils, sei mobil VOG.

Service/Maintenance: Werke Neustrelitz, Werke OHE, Regentalwerke

The subsidiaries of the NETINERA Group are closely linked to their respective regions and are therefore particularly familiar with the requirements of the individual networks.

More than 4,660 employees overall, a fleet of  358 trains and 978 buses producing about 52 million trains-km and approximately 40 million buses-km and various workshops (trains and buses) providing first and second level maintenance services to many internal and external customers. 

In 2017 revenue was about Euro 619.8 million.

Chief Executive Officer: Jost Knebel

Chief Financial Officer: Markus Resch

Chief Human Resources Officier: Alexander Sterr