Italcertifer has focused its business in the broad field of the liberalization of European rail transport. The European Union, as of the early 1990s, included among its goals the promotion a common market for rail transport. With this objective in mind, the company started a series of important reforms which, through the liberalization of individual domestic rail markets, are aimed at creating a single Europe-wide rail market that, is as free as possible from any regional regulations and special interests, and above all interoperable among all state members.
One of the key points of market liberalization is a compliance assessment to Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs) and safety requirements that can be applied to all subsystems that make up the European rail system, which will be conducted by an independent third-party entity, qualified by State Members based on criteria set forth in industry guidelines.

Corporate Bodies

Board of Directors

General Director and Chief Executive Officer: Carmine Zappacosta
Board Chairman: Mauro Ghilardi 
Board member: Claudia Cruciani
Board member: Alessandra Manenti 
Board member: Andrea Rindi 

Supervisory council  

Chairman: Leonardo Quagliata
Statutory auditor: Liliana Giordano
Statutory auditor: Alessandro Alessandrini 
Substitute statutory auditor: Ennio Celio Luglio 
Substitute statutory auditor: Giancarla Branda

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