Ferservizi S.p.A. is the “Integrated Service Centre” of the Ferrovie dello Stato Group, which manages “Back office” activities, not directly connected to railway operations, for the Parent company and the companies of the FS Group, supporting the core business in terms of quality and constantly improving the efficiency of the processes managed.

The sectors where the company currently works include:

Group purchases
The Group Purchasing Area carries out industry surveys, scouting and market checks and ensures the management of the pre-contractual, negotiating and contractual phases, combining innovative technological solutions with the experience acquired as part of Ferrovie dello Stato.

Real estate services
It manages and valorises the real estate assets of FS in various areas of intervention (Asset Technical Services, Leasing Services and Agreements, Sales Services, Maintenance Services, Engineering Services and Group Office Space Management).

Administrative services
Specialist and complete assistance in each field of administrative management.

In a scenario where the FS Group confirms the growing trend of the previous years, Ferservizi is committed to taking all the actions aimed at creating value for the Parent company shareholder, founded on selecting the businesses according to their ability to produce income, and on the specialisation of the territorial activities to benefit from all the operating synergies possible. 

Ferservizi’s main objectives are: 

  • pursue operating excellence (progressively obtaining the quality certifications of the company processes) through the specialisation and optimisation of the production processes and acute attention to people. 
  • generate benefits for the Group through initiatives that improve the efficiency of processes and the quality of results, reducing costs for the customer companies. 
  • guarantee customer satisfaction by constantly increasing service quality levels and continuously improving relationships.

Management Board

Chairman: Vera Fiorani

Chief Executive Officer:

Board member: Arturo Pappa

Board member: Marialaura Ferrigno

Board member: Luciana Perfetti

Supervisory council

Chairman: Angelo Passaro

Statutory auditor: Monica Petrella

Statutory auditor: Sergio Salustri

Substitute statutory auditor: Guglielmo Marengo

Substitute statutory auditor: Simona Passarelli

Chief Executive Officer and General Director: 

Legal and Company Affairs: Francesco Leggiadro

Administration, Finance and Control: Maria Cristina Giangiacomo

Audit: Stefania Ramadori

Human Resources and Organization: Claudio De Meis

Purchase department: Paolo Fratoni

Administrative services department: Massimo Glauco Rizzi

Facility&Building services department:

Real estate services: Paola Fini

North-West area: Vincenzo Lombardi

North-East area: Mauro Nicoletti

North Tyrrhenian area: Vincenzo Paolo Prisco

Adriatic area: Modestino Roca

Villa Patrizi Services hub: Claudio Principia

Central area: Ruggiero Litardi

South area: Annamaria Giammanco