Ferrovie del Sud Est

Ferrovie del Sud Est e Servizi Automobilistici Srl is a service operator of transport of people and goods by rail, cable car and other means. Founded in 1931 in Puglia, FSE makes use of a rail network which has 474 km of lines; after the Ferrovie dello Stato (State Railways, which it interconnects with), it is the longest unified network in Italy.

FSE has been synonymous with travel in Apulia, by train or bus, for work, study or tourism, for over eighty years. It goes through the four provinces of this southern region, and connects the provincial capitals of Bari, Taranto and Lecce, as well as 85 nearby municipalities. The public transport service is also provided on road, to integrate the railway, and serves over 130 municipalities, from Bari to Gagliano del Capo.

In  2016, Ferrovie del Sud Est became part of the FS Italiane Group. Trusting in the collaboration needed by all the stakeholders, we are doing as much as possible to ensure that citizens in Apulia get the same level of quality, safety and administrative transparency that we apply everywhere that we are called on to work. 


General Manager: Giorgio Botti

Chief Executive Officer: Luigi Lenci

Board Member: Maria Rosaria Gradilone

Board Member: Ilaria De Dominicis

Board Member: Mauro Ghilardi

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