Foto: Busitalia

The Company was born from the division of SITA (a historical company founded in 1912) into two separate and independent companies. Busitalia operates in the northern central area of Italy.

Busitalia predominantly operates in local public transport in Tuscany, Umbria, Veneto, and further to its latest acquisitions, Campania. It delivers, directly or through its subsidiaries, urban, sub-urban and extra-urban public transport services on road and manages other forms of transport including the former Ferrovia Centrale Umbra, the tramway in Padua, ferries on Lake Trasimeno, the lifts, escalators, travelators, funicular in the cities of Perugia, Orvieto, Spoleto, Cascia and Amelia.
Busitalia also manages several open market lines (the Volainbus airport service in Florence and the link between Florence and the “The Mall” outlet in Reggello), contributes to the management of the City Sightseeing in Florence and Venice, and through its subsidiary Busitalia Rail Service, it delivers road replacement and integration services for the railways throughout Italy, including the new Freccialink service.

The transport offer of the Busitalia group currently includes about 100 million bus km per year, 2.7 million train km (train - tram routes), and 41,000 nautical miles, with around 2300buses, 46 trains, 18 trams, and 7 ships. It employs over 4,000 people.

Since April 2017 Busitalia has also entered the long-distance travel sector with the Busitalia Fast service, dedicated to people who like to travel long distances in the comfort and safety of a coach, with a high-quality, innovative and recognisable service. The service is provided by Busitalia Simet, the new integrated mobility company created by the acquisition by Busitalia – Sita Nord of 51% of Simet, the historic company that has offered long-distance bus services in Italy and abroad since 1946.

Management Board

Board Chairman: Paolo Colombo

Chief Executive Officer: Stefano Rossi

Board member: Monica Auteri

Board member: Orazio Iacono

Board member: Rosario Gaetano

Supervisory council

Board Chairman: Serafino Gatti

Statutory auditor: Francesco Marolda

Statutory auditor: Serafino Gatti

Statutory auditor: Silvana Amadori

Statutory auditor: Serena Viselli

Statutory auditor: Luca Rodinò

Administration, Finance and Corporate Department: Sergio Paglicci

Purchasing, Information systems, Spending analysis: Gerri Cipollini

Legal Department: Guido Santocono

Budget, Investment and Audit: Antonio Ciarlo

Chief transformation officer: Amerigo Del Buono

Marketing and External Communications: Stefano Bonora (ad interim)

Bus maintenance: Paolo Ghezzi

Strategic planning and markets development: Daniele Diaz

Human Resource and Organisation: Claudio Terzi

Tuscany Regional Passengers Division: Stefano Bonora

Umbria Regional Passengers Division: Velio Del Bolgia