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The parent company Ferrovie dello Stato SpA is 100% owned by the Italian Ministry of Economics and Finance, and controls the operating companies in the four industrial sectors: transport, infrastructure, real estate services and other services. All the companies nevertheless maintain their own company characteristics and are run autonomously in pursuing their respective business objectives.

Ferrovie dello Stato SpA, while leaving the autonomous legal responsibilities of the companies in which it holds shares unchanged, mainly carries out company type activity which is typical of a holding company (management of the subsidiaries, share ownership, etc..), as well as industrial type work. Through a system of Central Directorates, the parent company also sets strategic approaches and ensures the orientation and the coordination of the industrial policies of the operational companies.

On 1st December 2016, the CEO of the Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Renato Mazzoncini was unanimously elected as President of the Union Internationale des Chemins de fer (UIC), the association which represents the railway sector at a global level. The election recognises the commitment of the group in developing the railway sector and the ability to best represent its interests. It also means an important milestone for the Italian system, which will have the chance to influence the creation of transport policies at a global level, in one of the most strategic industries for investment and in terms of the impact it has on people and a country's economy. The UIC will also be called upon to play the vital role of consultant and advisor for the large investment programmes which are currently under way, or are scheduled for the next few years around the world: from the TEN-T European corridors (passengers and freight) to China, the US, India and Russia.

Another important stage in the renewal process has been the introduction of the new Busitalia Fast service, which was presented in April in Berlin on the occasion of the sector's international trade fair Bus2Bus 2017. It offers competitive transport services at a domestic and European level, with high levels of safety and innovation. Created with the aim of becoming the main European player in long-distance mobility by bus, the service runs daily service to 15 Italian regions and over 90 cities in Italy and Germany, with a fleet of 60 latest-generation buses.

And then during 2017, the FS Italiane group's rail freight transport and logistics services changed radically with the launch of the Polo Mercitalia, a single, large hub that brings together the group companies that operate in this area (Mercitalia Logistics, Mercitalia Rail, Gruppo TX Logistik, Mercitalia Intermodal, Mercitalia Transport & Services, Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal, TerAlp and TLF).

Our mission

With the new 2017-2026 Industrial Plan, the FS Group has renewed and strengthened its ambition to carry out works and transport services which can create value for the community in a lasting way, redefining the sector in an intermodal way.

The new strategy which looks to invest 94 billion euros in ten years, works on the basis of five key areas:

  • integrated mobility, including the involvement of all sector operators;
  • integrated logistics, with a radical reorganisation of the goods area;
  • integration between both rail and road infrastructure;
  • international development;
  • digitalisation.

Through a process of growth which respects the environment and the surrounding area, the company is seeking to become an all-around player in mobility. That is why it has undertaken a significant programme of work aimed at notably increasing Italian infrastructure capacity and at supplying services which are increasingly advanced and diversified, with sustainability always in mind: new, more comfortable and technologically advanced trains, modern stations which are increasingly integrated into the urban fabric, with road/rail integration. Ethical and sustainability principles are at the foundations of our strategic choices since we are convinced that only searching for a balance between economic, social and environmental aspects can lead to the solid and lasting development of the company, and of the country.

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