Travelling with Gabriele to discover the world of stations

By The Team

Gabriele, 29, works as a Trenitalia Customer Service Representative for Frecce and Intercity trains.

Could you outline your career path?

My studies in languages, first at high school and then at university, paved the way for me into the world of customer care for train customers. I was hired by Trenitalia after gaining prior experience in the insurance field. For a little over three years, I have been in charge of front-line activities in the stations of Roma Termini and Tiburtina.

Your areas of operation?

My work is carried out at various locations inside Termini station, from the central Ticket Office to the Assistance Desk, in the Freccia Lounge and at the Freccia Desks by the platforms, as well as in the Freccia Club in Roma Tiburtina. Constant contact is maintained with the Operations Centre to monitor all aspects concerning traffic and to promptly intervene when necessary.

What training did you receive within the company?

Classroom training on the commercial offering and all operational aspects, followed by a specific course on customer communications and problem-solving. Attention to people is a complex concept in such a diverse context in terms of passenger demands and needs.

A recent example?

Our country has welcomed many Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war. Often, they need information on trains or transport to reach relatives and friends but also on how to receive assistance and hospitality. Despite the fact that many requests are not within our expertise, we try to meet and address their needs, in liaison with the authorities. After all, the station is often the first point of contact with Italy.

What is fundamental in your profession?

Empathy and the ability to adapt so as to handle new situations. Training and experience are important but it is equally crucial to be flexible and open to new things.