Curiosity and change for experiential tourism

by the Team

A portrait of Fulvio Badetti – a manager in the tourism, hotel and hospitality industry who tells us about his travel experience.

Yes, travelling?

Travel has always been my source of inspiration, in my professional life as well as in my everyday choices. This passion has been with me since childhood, also because my father worked for an airline. And in fact, I became a general aviation pilot. Visiting the world – from Pakistan to India, Indonesia to China, Japan, Africa and South America – has allowed me to get to know peoples, languages, customs and ways of life that have helped me to develop new ideas in Italy.

Can you tell us about your journey?

I started out as a tour guide during my studies then broadened my horizons by becoming a tour operator. The combination of the culture of hospitality and leisure has made my education more complete and focused on experiential tourism. I am now General Manager of an Albergo Diffuso (or, “dispersed hotel” where the facilities are scattered throughout various buildings) in the medieval village of Scheggino, in the province of Perugia.

A globetrotter?

When I travel for pleasure, I like to take my time to discover or rediscover my destination. My work leads me to travel often between Rome and Milan, to attend international events and some lectures. I also taught at the European University of Tourism, where I held courses on hotel management and how to create an Albergo Diffuso, a field that is still little known but is expanding.

What advice do you give to your students?

I invite people to be curious and to embrace change. In this context, it is crucial to be able to look forwards. Just like the pilot of a plane does when taking off and prior to landing, looking from above for the right landing strip.