Music, nature, travel - and the choice to travel with the FS Group to protect the environment

Jacopo Taddei è il protagonista del nuovo episodio di #BEGREEN del Gruppo FS Italiane

by Enrico Procentese

Jacopo Taddei is the focus of the latest episode of #BEGREEN, the FS Italiane Group’s digital column focusing on sustainable and local tourism.

A musician and lover of nature and travel, he has been getting about for years in a green way to reach his work and leisure destinations, with his inseparable saxophone that has accompanied him on all his travels since he was a child.

“With FS, I travel around our beautiful Italy and find inspiration to write and study new scores for my instrument, the saxophone, even when I am on tour. I was born on Elba Island so my relationship with the sea and nature is visceral. Recently, I was a protagonist in an innovative concert in the Sala Verdi in Milan, where a piece titled “Green Fantasy” for solo saxophone, seven trees on stage and an orchestra were at the heart of the project. Thanks to musical electronics, plants have become musicians in their own right, with unusual and unique sounds. It was a thrill that strengthened my bond with nature. And thanks to FS, I feel as though I am reciprocating their friendship and returning gratitude to the world of greenery.”