Un Tempo Nuovo to... be part of the change

di Jacopo Avaglio

You know that feeling we have all had at least once in the last two years?

The feeling that time has stopped and we are within an open parenthesis, which we can’t wait to close and return to our former life. Can such a time bring about positive change?

When I think about it, it is clear to me that the difficulties and complexities we experience, whilst first coming as a shock, are now reawakening an awareness in all of us along with resources we did not think we had. An awareness that we are all connected, every decision – even the most personal – has an impact on others.

And consequently, the responsibility of each of us is connected to the collective responsibility. Our work from here on in must be increasingly oriented towards the common good. The resources we have to face this time full of challenges start from putting people at the centre and valuing them to create value for society, cities and the territory.

Through our ideas and innovations, we will have to make our ecosystem environmentally- and energetically-sustainable. The difficulties of the moment have shown us where there is room for improvement. Through the redefinition of our governance model, we have the opportunity to rationalise our forces and render our processes and structure more coherent and up-to-date.

I am convinced that this change starts from how I approach my work each day, an attitude that stems from a question: what kind of world do I want to leave to my children and to those who will come after me? There are many and significant challenges. Are we ready to be part of the change ourselves? Are you ready? Let’s go!