On the trail of the past with Fabiana, amongst the archaeological itineraries of the Castelli Romani

By The Team

Fabiana Grasso, an archaeologist, restorer and tour guide between the Capital and the Castelli Romani, talks about the GrandTour 2.0 project, designed to allow families to travel through culture.

How did your passion for tourism come about?

I started as a volunteer with the Roman Archaeological Group. After art school, I continued my studies in this field, specialising in Etruscology. Then I found a job as a restorer and tour guide, before joining the ChissàDove Cultural Association, with which I developed – together with five friends – a project dedicated to family leisure time.

What does this project involve?

We enhance the archaeological itineraries of Rome and the Castelli Romani, which are not generally visited, with the intention of creating a bridge between the beauties of the area.

Thus, the GrandTour 2.0 project was born. On a discovery of lost origins and winner of the regional call for proposals to relaunch local tourism by LazioCrea. Our programming is geared towards the needs of children, whilst reconciling the interests of adults.

In what sense?

Our itineraries are a continuous discovery, an opportunity to make culture accessible to all. Art, archaeology and reading, combined with a playful learning experience, help to understand the past and to experience the present. Above all, they stimulate the critical sense and teach us to treasure history in order to project ourselves into the future.

A project that also has an educational purpose...

Of course, travelling can encourage us to reflect on the footprint we want to leave and to find the right way to relate with people and the environment. 

Precisely in order to protect the planet, we advise families participating in our itineraries to travel by train, taking advantage of the extensive connections available.

Why did you choose the Castelli Romani?

They are the ideal place to host families, stimulate curiosity towards less explored destinations and ignite the spirit of observation.