Sustainable travel and living

di Andrea Grassia

Alice Pomiato, known on social media as @Aliceful, is the protagonist of the new episode of #FSGREEN, the FS Italiane Group’s digital column on sustainable tourism and proximity.

Alice was born in Treviso and lives in Florence. A trainer and content creator, she deals with the issues of environmental protection and respect on a daily basis, teaching many people – and not only on social media – how to make the right choices even in everyday life.

Alice reaches her destinations by train, driven by a passion for sustainability in all respects.

She calls herself a digital nomad, given that travelling around Italy by train is her routine. “I prefer the train because it is the fastest, most comfortable and least impactful means of transport. In no time at all aboard a Frecciarossa train, I can reach Milan or Turin, saving a lot of time and, above all, I can enjoy beautiful views from North to South.”