Un Tempo Nuovo to... look towards the future with courage

di Stefania Lupo

It is 17 March 2022 and I am sitting in the Ala Mazzoniana at Roma Termini.

Around me are other colleagues with whom I am watching the presentation of the FS Industrial Plan. It is the day dedicated to #100AmbassadorxFS.

There are so many emotions. Thoughts are coming faster than the words I hear. As Director, Massimo Bruno tells us his vision of Un Tempo Nuovo, a slide behind him projects the keywords. Of all of them, COURAGE is the one that strikes me most.

I cast my mind back to March 2020 and see the image of me collecting a few last things from the office, with a sense of fear and uncertainty. I did not know what was happening. The virus was amongst us. How long until I would see my office again? My colleagues?

Two years have passed; years in which our lives have continued to move forward, at times anaesthetised by silence, emptiness, by dilated time.

We found new ways of working, of being with others. We learnt to travel with our imagination, to meet behind a screen, to have coffee and send each other virtual hugs. Our homes have become our offices.

But here I am today, together with 99 other colleagues, listening to the plans that the Group has for us and for the country for the next 10 years. I do think that a new era has truly arrived.

Un Tempo Nuovo to be amazed by the wonder of being close again, to rediscover the joy of recognising each other by smiles, of understanding each other with a nod or a handshake, to travel again and fill the stations, trains, streets, cities.

Un Tempo Nuovo to abandon the fear of making mistakes, to fill our offices with life and voices again, to imagine together different ways of doing things, which build on everything we learned yesterday. With courage and confidence, to build together the future that awaits us.

Courage, it is Un Tempo Nuovo!