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By Nicoletta Petrillo

Happy and grateful to be amongst the #100AmbassadorxFS, the community formed by 80 colleagues and 20 influencers, ready to share the story of the Group’s commitment – amongst the main players in the realisation of the #PNRR, Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Like any self-respecting railway worker, our favourite metaphor is that of the journey. Now, the sharing of knowledge becomes our most important baggage to carry with us on the train of this long journey together.

Each of us Ambassadors will have the task of telling the stories and commitment of all the professionals who, within this great Group, work on highly challenging and innovative projects to make the country’s infrastructure, our transport systems and our entire supply chain even safer, more efficient and sustainable.

A digitised journey that will make a stop at every step, project and investment, leading towards a more sustainable and innovative future.

We are here. Are you?