Social sustainability: Bruna and the children’s book designed by Anas

By The Team

Bruna Marsili deals with social policies for Anas, the FS Group company that manages the network of Italian roads and motorways of national interest, ensuring their development and maintenance.

Tell us about your experience in the company...

I have worked at Anas for 17 years. I am now in the Institutional Affairs and Media Division, where I develop projects that promote social sustainability. The aim is to improve the well-being of the community by focusing on thematic areas pertaining to the company’s mission. These include road safety along with land and infrastructure development.

What project are you working on?

We have recently published an illustrated book to raise awareness amongst the younger generation of the importance of road safety. The title is “Eroi Sulla Strada” In viaggio con Nico.” (“Heroes on the Road. Travelling with Nico.”). It is the story of the day-to-day work of a railway worker who, exceptionally, is joined by his niece Ludovica and his son Carlo, two 12-year-olds fascinated by the world of Anas and determined to talk about it on social media.

How did the idea come about?

We think it is essential to educate the youngest about being prudent but in a fun way. Conceived by Anas and published by Giunti Editore, the book recounts real events and ongoing projects, also through accounts from railway workers.

How can work and personal interests be reconciled?

My career path led me to enrol in the university faculty of Communication Sciences, with a focus on Public Institutions and Digital Media, to deepen and enhance my knowledge in the field. I also collaborate on the company magazine Strada Facendo, a periodical distributed to Anas employees. In addition, I enjoy art and photography – passions that have led me to run a gallery and found an association.

How did you experience Anas’ passage into the FS Group?

It is a challenge that I have been passionate about from the beginning, giving me the opportunity to expand my vision on infrastructure, transport and intermodality. A change that has strengthened the sense of belonging to a great reality that moves the country every day.