Talking (and travelling) sustainable

by Enrico Procentese

Silvia Moroni is the star of the latest episode of #FSGREEN, the FS Italiane Group’s digital column dedicated to sustainable and proximity-based tourism.

A green influencer, gourmand and university lecturer, Silvia founded the blog #ParlaSostenibile a few years ago with the aim of talking about sustainability in all its facets. Through her columns and Instagram Stories, Silvia creatively and entertainingly provides tips on how to dress, eat, live and travel green, helping people to become more aware of how their daily choices have an impact – big and small – on the planet. Recycling, regenerative travel and culture are the keywords.

“We are all becoming aware of climate change and how man is responsible for it. Travelling by train minimises energy consumption and pollutant emissions whilst often being the most convenient way to reach our destinations. Travelling by train is not only sustainable for the environment but is also sustainable for us. It is an opportunity to take a break from everything and to meditate. What more could you ask for?”