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26 October 2022
#FSGroup Portraits
Tastes at the station, with Federico Prodon

Cultures and territories to be discovered through the most delicious of the five senses: taste. Federico Prodon, Chef and Pâtissier, takes us on a journey through flavours that begins at Roma Termini.

21 October 2022
#100ambassadorxFS: Innovation and technology for major works

The aim is to connect places and people. United by a great passion for football and a great desire to experiment.

19 October 2022
In Verona, the new cascading strategy stage of the Business Plan

The cascading strategy of the 2022–2031 Business Plan resumes in Italy, following the September event in Berlin.

28 September 2022
#FSGroup Portraits
Curiosity and change for experiential tourism

A portrait of Fulvio Badetti – a manager in the tourism, hotel and hospitality industry who tells us about his travel experience.

05 September 2022
Travelling with Gabriele to discover the world of stations

Gabriele, 29, works as a Trenitalia Customer Service Representative for Frecce and Intercity trains. Could you outline your career path? My studies in languages, first at high school and then at university, paved the way for me into the world of customer care for train customers. I was hired by Trenitalia after gaining prior experience in the insurance field. For a little over three years, I have...

24 August 2022
Music, nature, travel - and the choice to travel with the FS Group to protect the environment

Jacopo Taddei is the focus of the latest episode of #BEGREEN, the FS Italiane Group’s digital column focusing on sustainable and local tourism.

11 August 2022
#100AmbassadorxFS: people’s well-being and social harmony

By Maria Pia Mazzotta

21 July 2022
#100AmbassadorxFS: the power of communication

By Maria Pia Mazzotta

18 July 2022
#FSGroup Portraits
Rana, citizen of the world

By The Team

08 July 2022
Urban regeneration as told by Leonardo, one of the #100AmbassadorxFS

Passionate about karate, cycling and chess, Leonardo is in charge of marketing and communications at FS Sistemi Urbani, the lead company in the Urban Hub. Focus is on green regeneration and the conversion of disused real estate to give new spaces back to cities and the community. A virtuous system that, through development investments, creates new jobs and added value for communities, enhances th...