A journey along the tracks of Europe

#RAILWAYheART reaches Europe. Over 24,000 posts on Instagram, more than 10,000 emails received and almost 40,000 shots – these are the great numbers behind FS Italiane’s digital project that unveils the railway universe through images and which today launches a call to action to travellers from all EU countries for the 2021 European Year of Rail.

In going beyond national borders with the strength and power of images, the goal is to share the stories, thrills, emotions and experiences in the life of a European railway world comprised of various facets and riveting facts, united by that gazing out of the window that unites travellers from all over the continent. It is no coincidence that the word “heART” combines the dual meaning of “heart” and “art”. This journey through images unfolds on the Instagram profile @fsitaliane, on the fsitaliane.it website, and in the magazines and on the social media networks of the FS Group with the hashtag #RAILWAYheART.

Using this hashtag, everyone can share their own photographs on the Instagram profile. A selection of the shots will be published weekly on the FS #RailPost blog and on the FS Italiane Group social media channels.

Get involved with your own shot taken in Europe!