Four Hubs and a universe of people to discover.

GruppoFS Ritratti is the digital column of portraits focusing on FS Group protagonists. On those who believe in the values of sustainability, innovation and inclusion. Each with a story to tell, with a passion to share.

A journey to discover the people who work together each day for the country, projecting Italy into an increasingly sustainable and green future. Infrastructure, Passenger, Logistics, Urban: four new Hubs to recount Un Tempo Nuovo.

Featured stories

Tastes at the station, with Federico Prodon

Cultures and territories to be discovered through the most delicious of the five senses: taste. Federico Prodon, Chef and Pâtissier, takes us on a journey through flavours that begins at Roma Termini.

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Curiosity and change for experiential tourism

A portrait of Fulvio Badetti – a manager in the tourism, hotel and hospitality industry who tells us about his travel experience.

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Rana, citizen of the world

A life on the road spent exploring the world. Roots in Lebanon, a degree in Canada and experience in the air, before reaching Italy to become part of the FS Group. Rana Ghandoura has a background as a Train Conductor. 

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