Sustainability report

Economic and industrial dynamics, environmental and social performance of a company in continuous dialogue with its stakeholders


2016 marks a historic turning point for the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group: in fact, this is the year when the company announced some highly innovative projects for the next ten years, as part of the presentation of the new Industrial Plan 2017 - 2026 on 28 September.

The Group is expanding its strategic horizon to include, in addition to rail transport, public transport in general. And the data illustrated in the 2016 Sustainability Report show that it has all the requirements to launch itself as the new leader of integrated mobility, both in Italy and abroad.

The 2016 financial year closed with a record net profit of 772 million Euros (up by 66.4%) and EBITDA of 2.3 billion (+16.1%).

The routes covered by the Frecciarossa 1000 have been increased by the delivery of another 23 new convoys (41 in total at the end of 2016), running alongside the ETR 500.

The High Speed​/High Capacity Milan - Treviglio - Brescia line was inaugurated. The High Speed network is also connected to Siena, Perugia, L'Aquila, Matera and Potenza thanks to the new integrated Freccia+bus service "FrecciaLink" that allows you to reach the nearest High Speed stations. In the area of ​​regional transport, with investments of 455 million, 31 complete trains and 133 new carriages were brought into service, while 94 convoys, 62 locomotives and 380 coaches were refurbished.

The Group's transport sector recorded a total income of 164 million Euros. The lead company is Trenitalia with the Polo Mercitalia hub and Busitalia in the freight and road transport sectors respectively, and Netinera Deutschland operating in Germany.

The infrastructure sector also performed excellently (net profit of 174 million Euros) under the leadership of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), followed by Italferr in engineering. 

With regard to investments, FS Italiane confirmed its position as the leading industrial group in Italy with 5.95 billion Euros. The curve is steadily growing (+8.2%) compared to the already very high volumes achieved in 2015 (5.5 billion Euros). Investments are in line with the challenging goals of the 2017-2026 Business Plan and look to the new business opportunities offered by the domestic and international market.

All 2016 targets converge on further business performance growth, both in terms of economic and safety performance and customer satisfaction, in a macroeconomic scenario that seeks to confirm positive trend signals at national level.

Significant improvement has been recorded in modal integration, where the percentage of customers satisfied with the connections of stations to urban/extra urban transport reached 89.9% (+1.2 percentage points compared to 2015). In terms of rail traffic safety, the number of accidents fell (86 compared to 98 in 2015 and 109 in 2014), with one of the best performances since 2006: the figure demonstrates the Group's commitment to guaranteeing the highest level of safety for our customers, employees and the entire community.

In 2016, FS Italiane set up a Sustainability Committee as an advisory body organ composed of members of top management from the leading companies in the Group, with the purpose of integrating social and environmental aspects into economic-financial strategies, promoting the principles and values of sustainable development while meeting stakeholder requirements and expectations.

The level of maturity achieved by the Group has prompted further progress: in 2016, we began a process that will see the current Environmental Management System (SGA) evolve into a business model designed to guarantee a balance between the economic, social and environmental components of Group activities.

The 2016 Sustainability Report, certified by a qualified independent auditor (KPMG) in accordance with the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines under the "Comprehensive" option, essentially demonstrates how all the FS Italiane Group companies are aligned in a single great effort to equip the country with a solid industrial enterprise able to offer Italians increasingly efficient, safe and sustainable services while at the same time being able to proudly meet the challenges of international markets.

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