2016 Panel

The fourth edition of Stakeholder Engagement Panel was held in Rome, in which FS Italiane Group invited its stakeholders to gather ideas, recommendations and suggestions on five strategic areas.
Tables Themes Suggestions for improvement
Service/ freight mobility The Support for the rail transport Support for rail transport by national and international institutions and the incentive system
Developing integrated solutions for freight customers Development of integrated solutions for freight customers: from road to rail
Local public transport Customer experience – towards integrated mobility Customer experience - from travel to integrated mobility. Needs and priorities for intervention
Battle tax evasion and avoidance: the new regional ticket New regional tickets and further lines of development
Service quality Assistance of support services to the travelers with reduced mobility and disabled Methods for provision of assistance services: selection criteria, coverage versus efficiency
Potential partnership towards intermobility Partnership potential in favour of intermodality: integration between transport systems
Health and safety at work Safety and supply chain Widen the perimeter of safety culture to suppliers
SMS Performance Indicators of management systems
Training and improvement of services offered to the customer Ensure effective and personalized response to customers Measure the results of training, linking them to the quality of services offered and new ways of listening to customers
Design innovative training methodologies to support business strategies Innovative training methodologies to support business strategies: designing personalised responses based on customer needs

The five themes were placed in their own tables with the support of a representative of the FS Group who is an expert on the topic, and a facilitator from the Foundation for Active Citizenship (FONDACA).

Following an assessment by the Group of the 20 proposals emerging from the comparison tables, 17 proposals were accepted by the Group: of these, 3 have already been implemented, 11 are being implemented, and the remaining 3 are temporarily waiting for further verification.

Finally, the Group is still evaluating the opportunity and modality of 2 proposals with which to follow the needs of the stakeholders, and is committed to providing a timely update.

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