Commitment to people

Involvement in solidarity initiatives has always been fundamental for FS Italiane Group, which is tangibly committed to carrying out projects and initiatives to help disadvantaged people. In collaboration with non-profit associations and local bodies, FS Italiane Group has embraced a policy to support and plan social initiatives in railway areas. Indeed, beginning with the stations, a new welfare system is being created. Rather than the welfare state of the past 70 years it is a collaborative welfare system based on the circular solidarity of the public, private and non-profit sectors.

As the economic crisis continues and migration surges, all of Italy is experiencing the deterioration of social conditions, which can be especially seen at railway stations. Promoted and managed in collaboration with local bodies and nonprofit associations, the Help Centers are the Group’s answer to the growing phenomenon of social crisis and the considerable rise in migration to Europe and Italy in particular, as it is an access point.

The Help Centers are “low threshold” information points - i.e. without any filtering of users - created to welcome and shelter those who are most in need and to help begin their rehabilitation with the city’s social services and institutions. Moreover, this transformation of the model for social welfare goes hand-in-hand with the new interpretation of corporate social responsibility  (CSR), increasingly focused on the creation of shared value: creating value for the business that is also value for all stakeholders, the community and the local areas.

The European charter for solidarity is a document inspired by the Lisbon Treaty, involving the joint efforts of railway and urban transport companies, and signatory associations and institutions. The signatories of the European charter for solidarity are inspired by the European Green Paper on corporate social responsibility.

Together with important reference institutions and associations, the FS Italiane Group develops initiatives aimed at supporting current issues such as safeguarding child health, preventing the risk of abandonment and early school leaving, promotion of woman health and protection.

As follows our next goals:

  • opening of new Help Centers in Viareggio, Pisa, Livorno and Pistoia railway stations;
  • feasibility analysis in order to open new Help Centers in Genoa Piazza Principe, Terni, Foligno, Cesena and Rovereto; 
  • SROI analysis of social activities within Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group
  • enlargement to new partners (Germany, Greece, Serbia and Croatia) for the European charter for solidarity and a proposal for Switch in Stations European project;
  • opening of the multi-purpose centre dedicated to elderly people and young prisoners of Napoli Gianturco.

Contact details:

Grazia Maria Rita Pofi

In charge of Corporate shared value

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